Would you like to spread financial literacy and needed money management skills to the youth in your community?

“The Four Money Bears” book was designed to teach kids age 5 to 10 the basic functions of money. Kids will learn how to:

Spend Cautiously
Save Diligently
Invest Wisely
Give Generously
Learn to Budget

The MoneyMentor program was designed to give those who are interested in educating our young people a means to do so with a great teaching tool.

Buy a MoneyMentor package, educate kids and families and earn money all at the same time!

Here’s how it works:

MoneyMentors buy a 10 book package for $80 ($8 per book, 40% discount to list price). MoneyMentors can then sell the book for $12.95 and retain the profits or give them away!

Who would make a great MoneyMentor?

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Financial advisors
  • Church groups
  • Book clubs
  • Non profits
  • Financial Service professionals
  • Camp Counselors
Money Mentor Package