The Four Money Bears

Mac Gardner, CFP®

The Four Money Bears teach kids the four basic functions of money. Join Spender Bear, Saver Bear, Investor Bear, and Giver Bear as they teach us ways to use money.When they work together they learn to build a budget and teach each other how to better manage their money today and for the future.

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Support Financial Literacy and share “The Four Money Bears” with kids across America!

Financial literacy starts at home. But for many parents of young children that can be a challenge. Our children need to be taught how to manage money from an early age. However, financial literacy programs are few and far to be found in elementary schools or middle schools. Children need to be taught the four basic functions of money: Spend, Save, Invest, and Give. That is why I wrote “The Four Money Bears”. Each bear represents a function of money and shows how money works to help us accomplish our goals. The book, however, is just the start.

The Four Money Bears can help to transform the perception of money for generations of young children. The target market for the book are children age 5 to 10. We are raising funds to develop both a digital and hard copy financial literacy education platform, “Money Bear Basics”. The funds will also be used to provide free books to schools in low income areas across the country.

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Mac Gardner, CFP®

Mac Gardner has served in the financial services industry for more than 20 years.

His passion for financial literacy led him to publish his first book, “Motivate Your Money!” in 2013. As his family grew and his clients began to ask him for ways to teach their kids about managing money he decided to use elements from his first book to develop a financial literacy platform for young children. The Four Money Bears represent the four basic functions of money. When children gain exposure to money management skills at an early age they are likely to develop healthy financial planning habits as adults. Mac is a true believer in the power of stories. He wants every child to know the story of “The Four Money Bears” and the benefits of sound money management for generations to come.

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